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  • LED xFROG mini MASK

    LED xFROG mini MASK multi-function dive mask flashlight, use CREE latest XM-L2(U4) with max output 630 lumens. This flashlight can be powered by 1*14500 lithium battery or 1 *AA size dry battery. It is sealed and protected with 3 O-rings and constructed with toughened glass lens which allow this light to be taken underwater to a maximum depth of 200m.

    105,69 zł
  • LED xFROG FL-02 Accu

    xFrog FL-02 led dive video flashlight use CREE XM-L2(U4) White light LED with 120 wide beam angle and 1050 lumens output which is suitable for underwater photograph filling.

    142,28 zł 203,25 zł -30%
  • TECLINE - LED Mini

    Small, light and handy! Backup smallest among flashlights diving TECLINE.

    152,89 zł 169,88 zł -10%
  • LED xFROG FL-01 Accu

    xFrog FL-01 is a handy flashlight that uses USA CREE XM-L2 (U4), LED, providing a maximum power of 1050 lumens and a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. Equipped with rotary on / off switch in the head, very user-friendly. Powered by 3 C batteries provide 8 hours of work. The best choice as a backup or primary source of light if you are a technical diver and...

    170,73 zł 243,90 zł -30%
  • LED xFROG FL-03 Accu

    xFrog FL-03 led dive video flashlight use CREE XM-L2(U4) White light LED with 120 wide beam angle and 1050 lumens output which is suitable for underwater photograph filling.

    199,19 zł 284,55 zł -30%
  • TECLINE - LED US-13, 8W, 800 lm

    Small size and light output of 800 lumens

    263,80 zł 293,11 zł -10%
  • Ammonite LED ONE Mini

    LED TWO is a compact primary light aimed mainly at basic kit-equipped scuba divers performing a few to several dives per season. LED TWO is just slightly bigger than a backup torch while providing 3 times as much light (approximately 800 lm). LED TWO is a reliable and user friendly product providing 7-hour continuous burn time.

    313,01 zł
  • Ammonite Led ONE

    LED ONE with rugged materials and design is a powerful yet compact backup torch with an impressive 400 lumens and 6 hour burn time all powered by three AA batteries.

    313,01 zł
  • TECLINE - LED US-15 Compact, 10W, 1500 lm ith soft...

    US-15 is a handy, lightweight and very comfortable to use.

    321,88 zł 357,64 zł -10%
  • Ammonite LED STINGRAY

    COMPACT AND POWERFUL LED STINGRAY is an all-round compact primary torch with 1000 lumens output weighing only 130g and just 12cm long! The rechargeable battery will power for 1hr or more depending on battery mAh.

    353,66 zł
  • TECLINE - LED US-16, 10W, 1500 lm

    Ergonomic design and smaller dimensions make the flashlight US-16 is even more comfortable to use and more reliable!

    375,57 zł
  • LED xFROG FL-05 Canister Accu

    Superb and very light flashlight with battery and head. Ideal as a main light. Thanks to its low weight and size perfect for air travel. Switch: Magnatic switchLumens output: 1000LM(Max)Waterproof: IP68 (under water 200m)Material: Aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

    512,20 zł 731,71 zł -30%
  • LED xFROG FL-06 Canister Accu

    Torch diving xFROG very light yet extremely strong and handy flashlight shared: a head and a separate canister.Flashlight is standard equipped with Goodman handle set isolated removable 3 LiPo battery and quick charger automatically.Triple LED CREE and very light flashlight with battery and head. Ideal as a main light. Thanks to its low weight and size...

    792,71 zł 1 132,44 zł -30%

    LED SOLARIS NextGen has a tough aluminum design, offering protection against knocks and scratches, substantial depth rating, and an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use.

    1 349,59 zł

    Primary light source, excellent for underwater communication and explorationLight output 800 lm, light distribution angle 6⁰Low weight and compact designLight intensity adjustment 20%, 60% and 100%

    1 757,72 zł

    Very strong source of light – 1200 lm.Reliable and safe, long operating time.Extremely low weight, compact design, maximum use depth 200 m.

    1 782,93 zł
  • TecLine - LED US-40 Goodman

    The casing is made from high quality aluminum alloy. Anodized material is resistant to corrosion. LED bulbs with high power of light, are durable and will last up to a long working time. The power and intensity of light is regulated in relation to the needs of the diver as: high / medium / low. Flashlight is lightweight and does not burden the diver...

    1 866,95 zł 2 074,39 zł -10%
  • Ammonite LED NAUTILUS

    LED NAUTILIUS is all that, but above these, it offers the adjustable beam angle (focusable) that switches between an intense focus to a wide perfectly round beam.

    2 186,99 zł

    System LED RADICAL - new Ammonite product! Purpose: main light source for diving. The light is emitted by 7 newest Cree® XPG LEDs with total power output 28 W, maximum light output is approx. 2800 lm.The lamp head has three positions light intensity regulation, appropriately 20%, 60%, 100% of power output.The switch is additionally equipped with battery...

    2 194,31 zł

    Versatile source of light, performs exceptionally well in all conditions!Very strong light up to 1600 lm.Light intensity adjustment, Unicase® technology.Low weight, compact design, maximum use depth 200 m.

    2 195,04 zł 2 310,57 zł -5%

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