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  • Halcyon Traveler

    Jacket Halcyon Traveler designed for diving with a single cylinder. A set of very lightweight, only 3g kg, thanks to which is ideal for divers who travel frequently by air.

    2 159,00 zł
  • Halcyon Explorer System

    The Halcyon Explorer BC System Wing Set provides everything you need when diving with double tanks. The proven and well tested design of the Halcyon Explorer Series is very popular with exploration divers and is known worldwide because of its robustness when diving in wrecks and caves.

    2 649,57 zł 2 849,00 zł -7%
  • Halcyon Eclipse

    Jacket Halcyon Eclipse is designed for diving with one cylinder of any capacity. Jacket is designed to dive for beginners and advanced divers..

    2 699,00 zł
  • Halcyon Contour SM Sidemount System

    Halcyon Contour SM Sidemount System is the result of cooperation with the company Halcyon cave divers. The set can be used right out of the box, without any modifications.

    2 789,10 zł 3 099,00 zł -10%
  • Halcyon Infinity

    Jacket Halcyon Infinity system configurations to choose from the wing with a capacity of 30 lbs or 40 lbs and plate: steel (SS) or aluminum (ALU). A set of dedicated to a single cylinder.

    3 099,00 zł

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