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Single cylinder
  • xDeep Hydros COLOR edition

    Hydros - Designed to exceed the expectations of demanding tec divers. An innovative but modern classic. The classic twinset wing has been completely redesigned. Whilst the elements will be familiar, the attention to detail has left no stone unturned in transforming good into great.

    1 258,54 zł
  • xDeep PROJECT COLOR edition

    Technical diving demands rigorous and detailed training to be executed safely and enjoyably. Our gear must help in the perfection of skills and dive execution. The NX PROJECT system applies engineering innovation, materials technology and design expertise in rigorous detail, ensuring the performance of the equipment compliments and supports the...

    1 462,60 zł
  • xDEEP ZEN COLOR edition

    The latest set of buoyancy xDEEP is another innovative option for divers with one cylinder. Zen wing, along with a plate and a harness has been designed from scratch, especially for those who demand of themselves and their equipment even more!

    1 625,20 zł
  • xDEEP ZEOS COLOR edition

    Perfect ZEOS wing This set comprises of a perfect ZEOS wing – the Product of the Year ZEOS wing is a two-shell wing made of the best materials from the USA and Germany,and a super-resistant Cordura 1100 dTEX on the outer shell. The geometry of the ZEOS wing makes it a lot easier for the diver to reach the ideal, horizontal position and makes the whole set...

    1 381,30 zł
  • xDEEP GHOST COLOR edition

    Complete SCUBA BCD only 2.3kg total weight! It’s hard to believe that the GHOST system weighs in at only 2.3kg! In an age of ever increasing luggage charges this is great news for your wallet and also your arms and back.

    1 543,90 zł
  • xDeep T-shirt WAVY X

    Black XDEEP T-shirt with the logo as a cave marker on the front.

    77,24 zł

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