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  • Shearwater PERDIX - VPM-B Upgrade

    The VPM upgrade is supported only by the current firmware version of your computer and only when set in technical open-circuit or rebreather modes (i.e. recreational open-circuit mode is always Bühlmann.) An unlock code to enable the feature in the firmware is returned to you via E-mail within 72 hours.

    284,55 zł
  • Shearwater SWIFT - Smart AI Transmitter

    The Shearwater Swift is an advanced air integration transmitter for measuring scuba tank gas pressure and transmitting this information to a compatible dive computer.

    1 537,80 zł 1 585,37 zł -3%
  • Shearwater Peregrine

    The Shearwater PEREGRINE dive computer is designed for technical Extrended Range divers and recreational divers who mainly use air or Nitrox for diving

    2 050,41 zł 2 113,82 zł -3%
  • Shearwater PERDIX 2 Ti

    Shearwater PERDIX 2 Ti Silver or Ti BLACK is a new version that uses a titanium frame that protects the screen and introduces vibration alarms that increase safety during diving. The PERDIX 2 Ti computer may be equipped with a wireless transmitters.

    4 227,64 zł
  • Shearwater Teric

    Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED. Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.

    4 363,82 zł 4 593,50 zł -5%

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