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  • Shearwater PERDIX - VPM-B Upgrade

    The VPM upgrade is supported only by the current firmware version of your computer and only when set in technical open-circuit or rebreather modes (i.e. recreational open-circuit mode is always Bühlmann.) An unlock code to enable the feature in the firmware is returned to you via E-mail within 72 hours.

    284,55 zł
  • Divesoft Freedom Computers

    Computer Divesoft Freedom is dedicated to technical and recreational divers. Six different versions allow for perfect selection for your own career diving. The opportunity to upgrade to a higher version at any time. A choice of gauge, nitrox, advanced nitrox, trimix and CCR.

    1 675,80 zł 1 764,00 zł -5%
  • RATIO IX3M Dive Computer

    Dive computer for technical divers with trimix and rebreather function (Fixed SP).  The largest display in the world -Color giving the possibility of full configuration.

    1 969,51 zł 2 317,07 zł -15%
  • HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC 2

    Dive computer for technical divers with trimix and rebreather function (Fixed SP)

    2 154,47 zł
  • Shearwater PERDIX

    Perdix is a continuation of the well-known and respected in the market dive computer Petrel. Smaller, more trips and more compact Perdix has a mode OC, CCR in both recreational and technical.

    2 842,28 zł 3 089,43 zł -8%

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