xDeep NX Snap Hook for Stage/SM Expand

xDeep NX Double ended bolt snap - double-ender



The XDeep double-sided snap-hook is an innovative XDeep NX series carabiner that makes it easy to attach and release in thick wet or dry diving gloves.

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44,72 zł


Features of xDeep NX snap hook for regulators, manometer or torch:

A completely new shape of the snap hook's head that allows you to support your fingers during use. This innovation makes it easier to open, because the snap hook does not slip from the hand.
A sufficiently large trigger, which has rounded edges and a special shape without the possibility of hooking the rope, line, guardrail, etc.
Enlarged eyelet, which in the new snap hook has up to 14 mm

Uniform cross-section and improved hook shape, which greatly facilitates insertion into small openings (eg on a spool)

The xDeep NX series snap hook is available in three versions:
Large, with a round ear of diameter and shape facilitating service in thick gloves, intended for stage / SM bottles
Small, with a minimized ear, which works perfectly as a snap hook that secures the second stage of a regulators or a dive manometer.
Double-sided - ideal for reels, spools



xDeep NX Double ended bolt snap - double-ender

xDeep NX Double ended bolt snap - double-ender


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