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RATIO IX3M2 Dive Computer

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Dive computer for technical divers with trimix and rebreather (Fixed SP)

The largest display in the world - Color giving the possibility of full configuration.

iX3M 2 has a clean interface and a huge display - the largest in its category. The iX3M 2 interface is designed to provide the best user experience. With its clean interface and large display, the iX3M 2 is second to none.

New LSK interface: you don't have to wonder which button to press

You have 4 buttons and a command line (line select key) to remind you which button to use. Simple, right?

Brand new housing

Lighter but more robust housing. High profile screws to protect the display from scratches. Stronger vibration alert.

No alarm goes unnoticed.

Visual + Acoustic + Vibration.

iX3M 2 provides a wealth of diving information. As soon as you exceed the no decompression limit, you will see your decompression table with all the decompression stops you will need to make. iX3M 2 updates the decompression table in real time and always informs you about the decompression stops you need to make. iX3M 2 can connect with up to 3 wireless air transmitters at the same time.

SideMount Mode: Automatic tank switch. You just need to start breathing through the tank. iX3M 2 will automatically show your active tank on the screen. You won't have to press any button.

Super 3D compass, 1° resolution and +/-1° accuracy.

  • Operating modes: Air/ Nitrox/ Gauge/ Freedive
  • Gas quantity: 3 gases (O2: 21% - 99%) switchable under water.
  • Algorithms: Buhlmann ZHL-16C
  • Alarms: Vibration, Acoustic, Visual
  • Max Depth: 220 m
  • Partial pressure: 1.2-1.6
  • Dive planner.
  • Deep Stop.
  • Viewing angle: more than 150 degrees.
  • Backlight: Automatic and manual.
  • Built-in oxygen analyzer (sensor optional).
  • 3D compass
  • PC interface.
  • USB rechargeable battery



RATIO IX3M2 Dive Computer

RATIO IX3M2 Dive Computer


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