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独特的 SL:01 干式潜水服可供探险家、潜水教练和特定客户使用。

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1. 使用在线配置器创建完美定制的干式潜水服。


2. 您可以配置所有设备选项,根据显示的说明输入您的尺寸,然后打印带有摘要的表格,然后您可以轻松地使用它向我们订购定制的干式潜水服。

3. 向我们发送带有摘要的表格或在订单注释中输入配置代码。


4. 我们将向您发送价格,付款后,我们将开始生产

5. 大约 6-10 周后,您将收到订购的新 SEAL 干式潜水服。


The SEAL SL: 01 exploration drysuit was developed for one simple reason: there was no drysuit on the market to meet the needs of all divers exploring caves and wrecks in remote areas and under extreme conditions.

Unique "Double-Shell Reinforcement" system - instead of using heavy and stiff fabric reinforced with Cordura or Kevlar, we have created the Double-Shell Reinforcement concept. The drysuit is made of a very strong but light and flexible trilamine material, which greatly improves the freedom of movement. Exposed parts such as the shoulder area, upper forearms and pocket area have been covered in military 500D Cordura, similar to the material used in the indestructible STEALTH 2.0. Critical areas like the forearm and knee are reinforced with an even stronger material known as Superfabric, a fabric protected by resin that is almost impossible to cut, even with a knife. Unique is that the base layer (trilaminate) and the protective layers (Cordura and Superfabric) are not connected to each other. Since the two layers of material can slide over each other, the drysuit is extremely flexible and offers unprecedented levels of comfort and maneuverability.


Suit type - Trilaminate drysuit, front entry

Main fabric - Nylon-polyester trilaminate with a sealed butyl layer, Ferguson-Polycom fabric 414g/m2

Forearms and knee protection - Cut-proof and abrasion-proof Superfabric 600107

Shoulder and top forearms protection - Cordura 500 dTEX

Stitch sealing - Chloroprene rubber tape with three layers of glue

Pockets - Two 3D pockets located on thighs

Weight - 2.7-2.9 kg depending on the configuration


- TiZip Masterseal main zipper (plastic)

- Silicone neck seal with Sitech Quick Neck

- Silicone wrist seal with Sitech Antares rings

- Sitech inflation and dump valve

- Trilaminate socks



xDeep SEAL SL:01

xDeep SEAL SL:01


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