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Heating Socks

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Heated Socks are made of flexible cotton in a two-color pattern. Heated socks are equipped with a four-stage power regulator setting it at 100%, 80%, 60% or 40% levels.

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380,49 zł

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Heated Socks are made of flexible cotton in a two-color pattern. They are available in black-red or black-gray combination, but this is not a choice, but a color code that is associated with a given production series.

Heated socks are equipped with a four-stage power regulator. It is a silicone button, located on the side, on the sock puller, with which we can control the heating power, setting it to 100%, 80%, 60% or 40%. At each setting, the button will be highlighted in a different color.

If the socks are used in conjunction with the underpants, they can be connected directly to the cables placed in their legs, and the power supply to the underpants. However, if you use the socks yourself, you will need a cable for gloves / socks, which will be run through the legs. All additional wiring and batteries are available separately.

Socks are characterized by a kind of color code. Where there is red / gray, there is heating. It is concentrated in the midfoot, where there is good blood supply to the foot, thanks to which it will be properly warmed up.

Technical data:
Sizes: 1 (37-40), 2 (41-44) - 3 (45-48)
12V: 20W - 1.7Ah

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Heating Socks

Heating Socks


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