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  • AVATAR - dry suit

    The Avatar suit offers all essential features you need in a proper drysuit set-up

    4 268,29 zł
  • SANTI - E.Space - dry suit

    CLASSIC DRY COMFORT Espace drysuit is made of light and extremely durable fabric trilaminate Nylon/Butylene/Polyester with density of 440 g/m2.It is cut in a way that makes it easy to adjust to any figure and does not limit movements in any direction. Telescopic torso stretches up to 30 cm and gives you great mobility,regardless of the thickness of an...

    4 917,89 zł
  • SANTI - Enduro - dry suit

    CLASSIC DURABILITY ENDURO drysuit is made of Cordura/Butylene/Polyester trilaminate fabric with density of 620 g/m2. This Drysuit is equipped with all the stuff you need for professional diving: a long front- entry (metal or plastic) zipper is covered by an additional protective flap, two big pockets on thighs and telescopIc torso.

    5 462,60 zł
  • SANTI - SILVER MOON Men / Women

    The idea of a special color edition of the E.Motion SILVER MOON suit is to make it unique in relation to all other models of suits currently available on the market and to emphasize the original and modern approach to diving.

    5 852,85 zł
  • SANTI - E.Motion - dry suit

    NO COMPROMISE IN COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY Everything that a diver needs is to be safe and dry, but first of all not to have movements restrictions and be as flexible as possible. All of those features are especially looked after in our new E.Motion suit. It is light and soft but at the same time very durable and flexible, which is exactly what a diver needs.

    5 852,85 zł
  • SANTI - E.Motion Ladies First - dry suit

    NO COMPROMISE IN COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY Ladies First is an E.Motion quality drysuit from SANTI special product line dedicated especially for women. The cut is designed considering the silhouette differences and elegant details that allow to underline the feminine and attractive look.

    5 852,85 zł
  • BARE - HDC Expedition Tech Dry

    HDC EXPEDITION Dry Tech is specifically designed for wreck diving and cave. Designed for cave divers, technical and advanced recreational divers who require exceptionally robust technical suit.

    6 252,03 zł
  • SANTI - E.Motion+ Men / Women Ladies First

    The E.Motion PLUS drysuit model comes as optimal and ultimate combination of the flexibility and lightness from E.Motion Ripstop quality and E.Lite exclusive durability and comfort.  E.Motion PLUS will protect you where needed, keeping the flexibility and light wear at the same time.

    6 633,33 zł
  • SANTI - E.Lite - dry suit

    NO COMPROMISE IN YOUR URGE TO EXPLORE E.Lite drysuit is made of a unique Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester material, with a weight of 535 g/m2. Ripstop nylon is a light-weight, flexible fabric with inter-woven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, which provide superb durability and protection.

    6 633,33 zł
  • SANTI - E.Lite PLUS - dry suit

    INNOVATIVE NEW TECHNOLOGY E.Lite+ drysuit presents an optimal and advanced combination of durability and modern textile technology dedicated to extreme sports. The E.Lite+ model is based on the exceptional quality of the E.Lite model, however, it has been supplemented with a new, flexible and soft to the touch fabric, which even further increases the...

    7 316,26 zł

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