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xDeep Comfort Harness with Weight Pockets



xDeep Comfort Harness with Weight Pockets. Unique 3D Mesh pads. Double-part weight pockets. Steel or aluminium backplate. Stiff webbing. Strong 6mm D-Rings with welded ends.

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Backplate pads for scuba diving harnessUnique 3D Mesh pads

The 3D Mesh pads provides perfect comfort regardless of the depth. 

In contrast with pads made from foam, the 3D Mesh does not compress under the pressure. This means, at any depth the 3D Mesh stays soft and does not have positive buoyancy. Therefore, you do not need to carry extra weight during your dives.
Double-part weight pockets
This scuba diving harness is delivered with very durable double-part weight pockets. 

The double-part pockets have several advantages: the risk of unpredictable loss of weight is much lower than with standard pockets, and the weight is easier and safer to handle. While getting onto the boat you can take it out safely and pass it to the crew.

Steel or aluminium backplate

The XDEEP harness can be ordered both with aluminium and with stainless steel backplate. 

You can decide if you prefer the heavier backplate made of stainless steel or the lightweight backplate made of anodized aluminium, if you travel frequently.

Stiff webbing

We used stiff webbing to make it easier to put the harness on. 

The webbing are made of polyamide – a fabric stronger than regular nylon and totally resistant to water, including sea water. 

Polyamide fabrics are abrasion-resistant materials and consequently the durability of the diving harness is much higher than those made of less durable materials.

Strong 6mm D-Rings with welded ends

All XDEEP BC Systems are equipped with really top-quality D-Rings: made of 6 mm thick stainless steel wire with the ends welded and the smoothly polished. 

You may be sure, that such strong D-Rings will not deform under any circumstances, even while jumping with the stage cylinders attached.

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xDeep Comfort Harness with Weight Pockets

xDeep Comfort Harness with Weight Pockets


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