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TecLine - TEC2

TecLine TecLine



The second stage TecLine - TecLine - TEC2

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443,10 zł

492,33 zł


Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 4 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 4 points può essere convertito in un buono di 4,00 zł.

- Innovative construction = better breathing comfort
- minimalistic design = reliability in all conditions, convenient maintenance
- robust materials = temperature, mechanical & chemical resistance
- en 250: 2014 certified - world’s highest quality rating for scuba regulators
- pneumatically balanced
- venturi effect adjustment
- breathing resistance adjustment knob
- dfs: direct flow system
- body made of materials resistant for big temperature changes
- outer ring stainless steel
- teflon coating of metal parts
- additional heat exchanger for cold waters
- weight: 260g
- ergonomic mouthpiece

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TecLine - TEC2

TecLine - TEC2


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