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Led ONE torch

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  • LED ONE is a modern backup torch providing higher lighting intensity than regular backup units (260 lm).
  • LED ONE is a reliable and user friendly product providing 7-hour continuous burn time
  • LED ONE is ergonomical and handy; it easily fits in a jacket pocket as well as it can be conveniently tied up to the diving harness.

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LED ONE is a state-of-the-art backup torch which offers higher lumen output than most traditional backups (260 lumens).
In terms of the lumen output, it can undoubtedly compete with a number of "large" torches".
The LED ONE torch is ergonomic and easy to operate: it can easily fit in a diving jacket pocket or can be attached to the harness.
The new AmmoniteSystem's backup torch offers exceptional performance – its continuous burn time totals 7 hours.
After this time, the LED ONE continues to operate, however with a lumen output of 10%, which is still sufficient for a backup source of light.
To restore the torch's full capacity, just replace its batteries – which cannot be simpler, since the new series AmmoniteSystem's torch is supplied with 3 universal AA batteries available almost at all latitudes.
LED ONE is also user-friendly and easy to operate, which is a prerequisite for all back-up torches.
LED ONE does not contain any electronic components, which offers yet another benefit i.e. 100% reliability.
LED ONE made by AmmoniteSystem has been designed and made in Poland.

Features of the LED ONE torch:

  • direct LED XPG Cree power supply,
  • robust and reliable switch design (head tightening),
  • long thread (plus 3 sealing O-rings) protecting the torch against the incidental water penetration,
  • mechanically resistant 6-mm hardened front glass,
  • Delrin body and aluminium head.



  • light source single Cree XPG LED
  • power 5 W
  • colour temperature cool white
  • light distribution angle 6º
  • max. light output 250 lm 
  • total operation time approx. 7 h 
  • LED life 50 000 hours
  • power source 3 x AA batteries 
  • switch type by tightening
  • material delrin / anodized aluminum
  • max. length 197 mm 
  • max. diameter 41 mm
  • front glass 6 mm toughened
  • weight with batteries 310 g 
  • weight in water 140 g 
  • pressure test 36 bar
  • max. service depth 200 m

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Led ONE torch

Led ONE torch


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