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A dive computer that is individually adaptable to your unique requirements and preferences? A dive computer for which each user can write individual programs and pass them on to other users? 
That is our goal!

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2 000,00 zł

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What this OSTC 2 dive computer is not:
Competition for cheap mass products for the occasional diver.

What this OSTC 2 dive computer is:
An experimental platform for all experienced divers who are interested in the theory of diving and who value maximum transparency and individual adaptabily .

There are already several high-performance dive computers on the market-- not quite a dime a dozen, but enough to give users a choice of products.

So why develop a new one?
The original idea for this product was the answer to a list of details that established products hadn't yet gotten quite right and questions they left open:

• Which mathematical model does the computer use for calculating decompression, and why can't can't I see and follow it exactly?
• Why do I often have to pay for expensive extras like Trimix, when I could theoretically implement them myself?
• The development of mathematical models continues to progress. Why can't I upgrade my old, familiar computer with the newest models?
• Why can't I write my own software module and install it on my computer?
• Why can't I use my computer's robust hardware for other functions of my own projects?
• There are established dive computers that offer one or more of these functions, but none that offers the possibility to configure all functions and modules in detail.

Thats where the idea of a new dive computer came in, a dive computer that discloses all information on its software for better understanding, for making individual adjustments, for implementing additional modules, even for a complete rewrite of the program!

In other words, its the same idea that drives users of the operation system Linux.

And just like a Linux user needs a computer to profit from the system, an open source dive computer (OSTC 2) needs a basis: it needs a unit for the software to run. The unit is what you have to pay for the software and all updates are for free, just like the possibility to implement self-written programs and functions.

USB socket
A micro-USB socket will connect to the PC for downloading dives and charging the battery. Firmware updates will be installed via the USB port, as well

2,4 Display
The display has a resolution of 320x240 pixels. Piezo-Switches allow easy operation underwater. The Li-Ion battery (Battery life > 40h at maximum brightness in Divemode) can be replaced.
The OSTC 2 has a borosilicate glass cover.

Bungee cords
Bungee cords with a thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm can be used with the included bungee mount.

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HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC 2C - used like new

HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC 2C - used like new


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