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ScubaPro - MK25 EVO BT/ A700 Carbon Black Tech/S270 Okto

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Balanced, piston-operated first stages are preferred by discerning recreational and professional divers. A simple mechanism consists of only a few moving parts, is characterized by high reliability and low service costs. Balanced piston-operated first stage performs equally well in hot and cold water. A good choice for novice divers who are looking for a system that is reliable and easy to use.


The winner of independent tests, SCUBAPRO's flagship product for years, the most efficient among the first steps. When mounted on an air cylinder, it guarantees the highest sensitivity and immediate supply of air on demand in all diving environments and at any water temperature. This exclusive model has all the features of the A700 and a virtually indestructible carbon fiber front cover with a durable Black Tech coating. A regulator for technical diving, but not only.


Completely insulates the internal mechanism from the environment, improves resistance to cold water by 30% and delays the formation of ice crystals. As a result, it significantly increases breathing safety when diving in extreme water temperatures.


They enable the assembly of the first stage of the automat with the head up and down.


They provide 15% more airflow than conventional LP outputs. 360° rotatable head for optimal hose guidance.


Indestructible and despite the full housing, it is lightweight thanks to the handcrafted carbon fiber cover.


The carbon fiber has excellent shock resistance while reducing the overall weight of the regulator.


The scratch-resistant Black Tech protective coating protects metal parts from salt water and corrosion. It consists of an inner layer of chemical nickel (FDA approved) and a shiny outer DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

A700 Carbon

The precision-engineered A-Series second stage is designed for long life. Solid body, dosing button and valve made of carbon. The A 700 is an impressive shape and power. Balanced valve and exhalation valves provide unparalleled levels of inhalation and exhalation.

The Scubapro A700 regulator is an impressive shape and power. The carefully crafted A-Series second stage is designed for divers who want the best. It's hard to compare other slots to this latest Scubapro gem. The all-carbon housing provides excellent breathing work. The solid carbon body, balanced valve and exhalation valves provide an unparalleled level of inhalation and exhalation. In combination with the MK25 EVO or MK17 EVO, it offers unparalleled breathing comfort in any temperature range.

S270 Octopus

The perfect alternative air source for your regulator. The S270 Octopus is rugged, reliable and easy to use. Its balanced design ensures top breathing performance when you need it most.

I stage MK25 EVO BT

Unbalanced, piston-operated: extremely fast response, regardless of tank air pressure and depth
XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System) technology with complete insulation of mechanical parts, especially important in cold and icy waters
Patented multi-component stainless steel piston
Patented finned heat exchanger
360° rotating head
HP reversible outputs
External medium pressure regulation
Meets the requirements of the new EN250-2014 standard
Revised, modern design
New insulating elements in blue
The new INT screw features a metal logo

II stage A700 Carbon

Full carbon construction
The carbon body and all components allow you to take advantage of the high heat exchange, which is a big plus when diving in cold water
The carbon construction allows the use of a larger diaphragm in a compact housing and reduces breathing resistance
Specially bolted Torx metal lid, metal housing and stainless steel valve body will not succumb to years of heavy diving
Exceptional respiratory efficiency - 0.49 J/l
The relieved valve reduces breathing resistance
Improved, adjustable VIVA function and smooth resistance adjustment
Exhaust diaphragm with optimal airflow

S270 Octopus

Constructed from a glass-reinforced nylon core and a special PU outer layer, the lightweight housing is extremely durable and helps to reduce jaw fatigue and improve diving comfort
Dive/predive switch prevents free flows when not in use
The compact and efficient exhaust guide minimizes exhalation effort
The compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece is comfortable, made of FDA-approved silicone

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ScubaPro - MK25 EVO BT/ A700 Carbon Black Tech/S270 Okto

ScubaPro - MK25 EVO BT/ A700 Carbon Black Tech/S270 Okto


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