We start I usually from Hurghada and head north to the Steel Barrier then Thistlegorm and then in the direction of Brothers Island. From there we will go further to the Salem Express in turn all the wrecks and reefs nicer to finally back to Hurghada.

Safari, is addressed primarily to wreck diving enthusiasts, although there is no shortage on this route magnificent coral reefs, such as Gubal, ilands Brothers and others. Mistake is the one who believes that there are no wrecks of many animals. Frequent companions dives are barracudas, trigger fish, turtles and dolphins.

Rarity on this route are also night dives, during which we will see many crinoids, piórówki, hermit crabs and brittle stars. Plan cruise includes diving the famous wrecks of the northern part of the Red Sea Salem Express wreck or "Steel reef" - Abu Nuhas: Carnatic, Gianis D, Chrisoula and Kimon M.

Experienced divers can dive to a rarely visited, majestic wreck of the Second World War - Rosalie Moller, lying in the strait Gubal. We have the opportunity to visit the wreck of a passenger ferry Salem Express and dive on the wonderful reefs located in the area of ​​Giftun. Ending the cruise in Hurghada dive on the wreck at the end of the cutter El Mina.

Requirements: AOWD or higher degree / internship 20 dives.

Descriptions of several dive sites:

Carnatic - Wreck postal-passenger vessel that entered in 1869 to, not indicated even then on nautical charts, the reef is the oldest and most picturesque wreck lying on the Abu Nuhas. Wooden decks with time musty and only the steel frame - now covered with a thick layer of soft corals - built 135 years in the sea. Wreck offers great photographic motifs, and diving in the hull like a walk under the arches. (Carnatic - L .: 89m, W .: 13m, depth: 19-28 m)


Ghiannis D. - buried near the wreck Carnatic, is the youngest of the wreckage "of steel reefs." He went to the reef in April 1983, then in two weeks broke in half and sank. It belongs without doubt the most interesting wrecks of the Red Sea. Well preserved part of the stern allows penetration of holds, engine rooms and superstructures, and leading in all directions stairs and ladders to create a unique atmosphere. (Ghiannis D - L .: 99 m, W .: 16m Depth: 5-27 m).


Chrisoula K. - The third wreck, where diving in the area. Collision with the reef occurred in August 1981, during the voyage to the Arabian port of Jeddah, freight terracotta floor, which is still in the holds of the ship. We visit: engine room, workshop, kitchen and watch the well-preserved cargo handling cranes. (Chrisoula K - L .: 101m, W .: 14m Depth: 2-24 m).


Kimon M - the deepest, possible to explore the wreck graveyard of Abu Nuhas. Lying 32 meters German freighter Kimon M was carrying cargo of lentils. In December 1978 years struck the Northeastern part of the reef and sank. Fortunately, as a result of the disaster was not killed any crew member - immediately after the accident they were rescued by a nearby freighter, which picked up a distress signal. (Kimon M - L .: 120m, W .: 15,8m, depth max 32 m).


Rosalie Moller - This is a little-known, beautiful wreck rests at a depth of 50 m, with a chimney extending to a depth of 18 m below the surface. It was sunk 6 October 1941 year by the German plane - exactly the same night, which went to the bottom sister Thistlegorm. The wreck is in excellent condition, you can admire the telegraph machine, equipped with utensils kitchen, cabin crew, superstructure and steering gear. On board were preserved in excellent condition mast and load rails covered with colonies of fire corals. Diving in the Rosalie Moller is due to the considerable depth of the dive difficult designed for experienced divers. The majesty of this wreckage certainly will long remain in the memory of the visiting guest. (Rosalie Moller - L .: 110m, W .: 16m, depth: 18-51 m).


Salem Express - was christened as "Fred Scamaroni" and under this name was held every first voyages. His last course ended with tragedy and for many years will remain in the memory of many Egyptian families. Purchased by the Egyptian government realized the connection between ship port Djedda in Saudi Arabia and Egyptian Safaga, carrying mostly pilgrims going to Mecca. December 16, 1991, when the ship arrived to Safaga, collided with a reef. Consequently
the front door opened and the Salem Express sank within 20 minutes. Officially, the tragedy claimed the lives of 470 people. The wreck lies at a depth of 30 m., And its front part is already at 10 m. The wreck is 115 m. And it is situated on the starboard side, that side, at which the moored ships.


Ulysses - Ulysses is another wreck "grandfather" of the Red Sea. Held journey from London to Penang under the command of Captain Arthur Bremner, during which he hit the reef on the east side of the island Small Gubal August 16, 1887.
Carrying mixed loads, many of which were manually unloaded by the crew of the HMS Falcon, who came to his aid. Some of the cargo of large drums of cable is not saved and now lies on the slopes of the reef among the wreckage. We often hear of him as "The Cable Wreck" - wreck on cable. After a heroic struggle finally sank under the waves somewhere between 20 August and 6 September 1887, he sank 18 years after the Carnatic. Very similar in design to the Carnatic was a British jednostkąi żaglowo-room, a steel hull. (Ulysses - L .: 95m, depth: max 28 m).


The route safari is a little dependent on weather conditions for this plan is one of the most attractive.

9.jpg 10.jpg

Costs: 790 Euro + Flight

The  safari plan
Day 1- Arrival. Transfer to the boat
Day 2 - sail, check dive Gota Amuramada, Giftun - 2 dives
Day 3 - Big Brother - 3 dives
Day 4 - Little Brother - 3 dives
Day 5 - Panorama Reef, Salem Express, Steel Reef (Abu Nuhas) - 3/4 dives
Day 6 - Thistlegorm wrecks at Abu Nuhas - 3/4 dives
Day 7 - reefs and wrecks in the vicinity of Hurghada (El Mina, Abu Ramada, Giftun) - 2 dives
Day 8 - Transfer to airport for flight

The above plan is indicative. The real safari route is always dependent on weather conditions and qualifications of the participants.

Price safari includes:

transfer on the route: airport - boat - airport
7 nights, with the first or last can take place in a hotel, three meals a day and fruit and snacks (on the first day meals start with dinner and end on the last day breakfast)
Polish dive guide,
11l bottles (and their filling), weights (no straps or pockets ballast)
drinks: coffee, tea, sodas, 2-3 on the first day of diving, snorkeling in 3-4 days 2-5, 2 dives on the last day,
Insurance KL, NW taking account of diving accidents, flight on the route Poland-HRG / RMF

Price safari does not include:

Egyptian visa - $ 25
tip for the crew - 30 EUR
additional meals outside the boat,
other diving equipment,
Fees Reef Protection Fee - 15 EUR
Fees park - EUR 50,
nitrox, 70-90 EUR,
cylinder 15 l 35 EUR
additional cylinders to the side mountu 35 EUR

FAQ - Questions and Answers:

How and when will be the division of groups play?
Everyone decides which group wants to be - of course ;-) common sense and in accordance with their powers.

Can I take a course Side Mount, Wreck Marine, Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range during the trip?
Yes, you can do such courses

Can Twiny a surcharge and who will be able to have them?
Twinsety: extra charge of EUR 60
Stage: please bring a harness to stage-y - 80Cf cylinders - are included in the price,
Cylinder 15L: extra 35EUR

Will Nitrox for everyone or just for a group of tech?
Nitrox is for anyone who has permission Nitrox Diver or higher


Description of our boat:

Comfortable, spacious motor yacht designed for 22 divers, launched in 2006. Robust design and high prowess guarantee the safety of maritime voyage away from the shore. Aesthetic interior finishing, spacious cabin, teak deck and ergonomic layout of the deck diving for a comfortable stay and a lot of flexibility in preparing for diving.


The boat has a license to all routes safari implemented in Egyptian Red Sea.


Social Infrastructure:

Lodz offers 12 air-conditioned double cabins, each with its own bathroom, and two separated beds. The guests are two sun decks, air-conditioned room equipped with audio and DVD and two bathrooms on the diving board.



The crew consists of 8-9 people. It includes: captain, mechanic, cook, steward, 4-5 sailors.

Specifications boats

. Classification boats: SILVER CLASS
. Year of execution: 2006
. Number of persons: 20 + 2 guides
. Length: 35 m, width 8.5 m
. Engines: 2 x MTU Turbo 589 HP
. Generators: Onan 70 kW and 40kW
. Navigation: GPS, radar, depth sounder
. Communication: Marine VHF, HF, tel. Satellite
. Water tanks: 22 tons
. Oxygen: 5 x cylinder 50 l

Survival equipment:
. vests
. rafts
. Pontoon: 2 x 4,8 m / 40/25 HP

Diving facilities:
. Compressor 2 x COLTRI
. Bottles: 12 l aluminum valves DIN
. twinsety
. mixing system NITROX
. diving equipment - on request

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