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Divesoft analyzer helium - oxygen

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He/O2 Analyzer for measuring oxygen, nitrogen and helium concentration in diving breathing mixtures. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

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The analyzer Divesoft helium-oxygen is intended to check the content of He and O2 in the breathing mixtures: nitrox, trimix and heliox. After connecting the analyzer to a bottle with a mixture of respiratory displayed on the screen is the composition of the mixture as a percentage of oxygen and helium. The meter display on OLED technology.

Principle of operation

For the measurement of oxygen used is an electrochemical sensor, the same as is used in analyzers used in diving oxygen. Helium content is determined by measuring the speed of sound propagating through the mixture and analyzed, and the gas temperature.

Display Modes

1. Basic

After turning the analyzer he operates in O2 / He displaying the results in one of two formats. The basic format for the display shows the contents of helium and oxygen in separate lines, and the temperature at which the measurement was made. Once you start measuring helium content for a few seconds can be displayed in square brackets (in the basic display). That is, this is a temporary result, lower accuracy. When the brackets disappear, the displacement is the ultimate accurate measurement. In the case of measurement error, such as too rapid flow of gas through the tubing, for the duration of the error helium content disappears.

2. Extended

After pressing MODE analyzer displays the MOD for a given partial pressure (which is also displayed) and END as a percentage of the depth of the air.

Large numbers

The next time you press the button MODE the display switches to large numbers. Large numbers is displayed only oxygen and helium.

Monitoring of continuous mixing

The analyzer has the function of monitoring continuous mixing. In this mode, you can set upper and lower limits of oxygen and helium. The analyzer then continuously measures the content of these gases, and when one of the set limit is exceeded, the analyzer sounds a warning. This mode is used when the analyzer is used as a security element during the punching cylinder by continuous mixing, when the defect of the mixing device can cause an increase in the oxygen concentration which may lead to ignition or explosion-compressor.

Warranty: 24 months

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Divesoft analyzer helium - oxygen

Divesoft analyzer helium - oxygen


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