Tribolube 71 Oxygen Compatible Lubrican Expand

Tribolube 71 Oxygen Compatible Lubrican


Tribolube 71 oxygen grease - 5 g

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The main characteristic of TRIBOLUBE-71 is that it contains unexposed PTFE. It has been found that unexposed PTFE does not corrode aluminum or anodized aluminum even when exposed to prolonged exposure. Tribolube-71 has a very wide temperature range, it does not react with strong acids, oxygen, fuels or solvents. It is a sensational agent used to reduce the wear of materials and an excellent grease with a long service life. Tribolube-71 is qualified for ML-PRF-26716, type 1,2 and 3.

TRIBOLUBE-71 is used in diving equipment as well as for small and large diameter bearings, shafts (rollers), pointers, needles, plain bearings, threads, valves, gears and screw actuators. The product is compatible with most elastomeric and plastic seals, gaskets, washers and O-rings.

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Tribolube 71 Oxygen Compatible Lubrican

Tribolube 71 Oxygen Compatible Lubrican


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