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  • OMS cutting tool "Sea Snip"

    OMS cutting tool "Sea Snip" Nylon case with logo OMSApplication on waistHands for cutting rope of different thickness Velcro closure

    52,00 zł
  • OMS - Continuous Weave (DIR) Harness

    This basic harness uses 11 feet of 2 inch nylon webbing material, 6 stainless steel D-rings with weight stops are included. Two at chest level and one on the waist. Easily repositioned for optimal configuration with an OMS Stainless Steel buckle.

    705,50 zł 830,00 zł -15%
  • OMS - Comfort Harness II

    This harness utilizes the same padded shoulder strap configuration found on the IQ Pac. It can be installed on any standard backplate as an accessory. The harness can also be purchased installed on the OMS Stainless Steel or OMS Aluminum Backplate. An accessory comfort pad is available and can be installed without the need to remove the Harness.

    790,50 zł 930,00 zł -15%
  • OMS Performance Mono Wing 32 lbs

    The Performance Mono Wing is a donut-style wing allowing quick and easy movement of air from one side of the air cell to the other. Performance Mono Wing Black 32 lbs (~14,5 kg) - for single cylinder

    1 054,50 zł 1 110,00 zł -5%
  • OMS Wing Larry Green 45 Lb

    LARRY GREEN SIGNATURE SERIES BC The 45 lb BC’s incorporate the latest thinking in hydrodynamic engineering. Deep Underwater cave explorer Larry Green conceptualized this innovative design after many years of deep cave diving experience. Ideal for single tank and twinset BC-LGS45: Larry Green Signature Series 45 lb. lift BC (20.45 kg)

    1 054,50 zł 1 110,00 zł -5%

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