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  • Suunto SK-8 compass

    Suunto SK-8 compass with bungee mont

    270,75 zł 285,00 zł -5%
  • Suunto ZOOP NOVO

    Suunto Zoop NOVO is an affordable and easy-to-use dive computer for recreational diving. Though Suunto Zoop NOVO is ideal for a first dive computer, its functions decompression and nitrox mode make will be useful for years underwater adventure. It works in different situations, thanks to the work in the air and Nitrox modes

    1 042,80 zł 1 185,00 zł -12%
  • Suunto D4i + USB Interface + bag

    D4i offers excellent features dive with bated breath, as well as the ability to control wireless cylinder pressure, and dive time remaining. Follow your own inspiration surprised how far you can get in one breath.

    1 858,56 zł 2 112,00 zł -12%
  • Stunt Vyper NOVO + USB interface + bag

    Suunto Vyper NOVO is a robust and versatile dive computer, operating in multiple modes and checking in different situations. It works in different situations, thanks to the work modes air, nitrox and dept

    1 879,68 zł 2 136,00 zł -12%

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